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Your properties fence is without a doubt one of the most critical components of your property, providing security, boundary, curb appeal and real estate value among other things. It contributes to defining and setting apart the area which you can call your own and is one part of the overall property that really shapes the foundation of the rest of your landscape elements

Total Yard Works provides a variety of fence building options and choices and more recently we have seen a steady increase in the desire for ornamental fence installation and repair services in Winnipeg and Manitoba to replace more traditional chainlink and wooden fence options. Below are some of the key reasons more and more Winnipeggers are opting on this type of fence installation for their residential and commercial properties:

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Benefits of Ornamental Fences in Winnipeg

Utility – While the name of this project type may immediately give you the sense of it being decorative and fancy, Ornamental fencing is still at its core an effective and visually pleasing barrier for your property and the outside world. It makes it quite clear what is yours and provides the security against theft, trespassing and vandalism that fences are fundamentally effective as a first line deterrent.

Diversity in Appearance

A quality ornamental fence contractor in Winnipeg such as Total Yard Works will provide prospective clients with a handful of design, aesthic and installation options. Customers will be able to freely decide on the style and design of their choices as compared to more simple cookie cutter designs in other fencing types.

They Are Very Durable

A key element of ornamental fences is its lasting durability and its ability to stand strong and true throughout our various climate shifts and conditions. While the word may make many think of it as being fragile, nothing could be further from the truth when done properly. High quality materials and treatments help ornamental fencing withstand a variety of environmental conditions even better than some more traditional boundary choices.

Low to no maintenance

Rust free and durable, customers who opt for this design choice can rest assured their fence won’t be a pain in the neck requiring constant maintenance unlike other choices. Our installations and repair jobs are laid out and designed to last and be maintenance free… making sure our customers never have a reason to call us back and complain once our job is done to your satisfaction the first time.



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