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With quite a few choices when it comes to fencing in Winnipeg, a solid wooden fence tops the list for many with a long list of benefits and a good mix of affordability in most cases. Total Yard Works specialises in wood fence building and repair and has become our bread and butter service over the years.


Benefits of Wood Fences in Winnipeg

There are quite a few wood choices and designs you can decide on all with their own unique list of benefits and properties, but below are some of the more common reasons to choose wooden fencing in Manitoba.


While perhaps not as affordable as chain link fencing, wood builds through our company is generally quite affordable. Our connections and partnerships allow us to get the build materials for you quite a bit cheaper than others and our fast and experienced team moves quickly and effectively on projects to keep labour costs endured to a minimum


Another key benefit of wooden fence installation is the wide variety of wood choices and design options. Furthermore a wooden fence can be painted and stained in any colour or shade you may desire making this choice quite adaptable for every individual’s own unique tastes.


If you want something that is going to last and stand strong over the years even in our typically harsh Winnipeg climate conditions – this fence installation choice is sure to be a good one. When properly set and built by a company like ours, you can expect your fence to endure for decades with minimal care and maintenance when needed.

Increased Property Value & Appeal

More than just making your house and property that much more attractive – a quality wood fence will do wonders to your property and real estates value if you should choose to sell or relocate. Home shoppers almost always love a house with a secure and beautiful yard and that starts with the boundary being quality fenced in most cases.


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For whatever reasons or benefits may have turned you into a wooden fence build in the first place, Total Yard Works is a safe bet when you are looking for a contractor to complete the job.

We will get the job done from start to finish with professionalism, experience and a personal mission to treating each fence like our own and to take pride in quality workmanship without cutting any corners

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