Fence Installation Contractors in Winnipeg

Total Yard Works specializes in repair and installation of fences in Winnipeg and our team has dozens of years of experience in the market between them. There are many popular and practical fence installation options in Winnipeg and Manitoba, which are suitable to our extreme climate and weather conditions and we offer top notch professional and affordable design, build and repair in all these popular choices.

We specialize in various wooden, ornamental and chain link design and options, but also have a wide range of experience with more custom and unique fencing options. Give us a call today or browse our site now to get a better idea of your options and to get started on your vision this season!

    • Chain Link Fence Install & Repairs

      Chain Link Fence Install & Repairs

      Another very popular build option in the Winnipeg region, chain link fencing provides its own set of benefits to the customer and their property. Chain link fencing offers great security to the property and will add to your home’s value. It is often selected for its affordability factor – where compared to wooden, vinyl and wrought iron fencing options it remains relatively cheap.  Another key benefit of chain link fences in Winnipeg are its extremely low maintenance requirements… installation is quick and affordable with very little upkeep required, even in our harsh Winnipeg weather. Give us a call today to get started on an estimate of the chain linking your property this season.

    • Ornamental Fence Install & Repairs

      Ornamental Fence Install & Repairs

      There a variety of benefits and reasons customers decide to go with an ornamental fence build in Winnipeg. They offer an incredible aesthetic effect that can really make your property stand out and increase its overall value. They come in a great deal of classic and custom design options to suit every taste and budget. Highly durable even in the harsh Winnipeg winters, your investment in a Winnipeg ornamental fence is sure to please while remaining spectacular to look at.  

      Call or email us today and we can help you get started with your options, design choices and approximate cost.

    • Wood Fence Builders & Repair

      Wood Fence Builders & Repair

      Wooden fences in Winnipeg are our most popular choices. They present a fashionable, durable, cost effective option to homeowners at a fair price. A well built wooden fence provides curb appeal and privacy while also increasing the overall property value of your home. Wooden fences are highly customizable in size and height with a variety of different wood choices available to customers including: red & white cedar, pinewood, and oak to name a few. 

      Total Yard Works offers great pricing and product selection through our long lasting connections with top suppliers in the city

Patio, Retaining Walls, Sod & Hardscapes Winnipeg

Our original bread and butter… even though Total Yard Works has started to specialize more into fence installation and larger projects over the last 5 years, we are still enthusiastic and passionate landscape and hardscaping specialists.

We have evolved away from more minor landscaping jobs and yard maintenance as we have attracted more experienced professionals onto our team, but still pride ourselves on some incredible landscaping projects we take on and complete each year.

Whether you are looking for function, beauty, design or all of the above – give Total Yard Works a call today for any landscaping project inquiries and get free on site estimates and expert experience and guidance now.

    • Patio Design & Builders

      Patio Design & Builders

      Your patio is one of the highlights of your property, where friends, family and guests often come together and mingle. Total Yard Works specializes in bringing to life absolutely stunning and memorable patio designs and implementations. Our staff truly enjoys what they are building and take great pride in each and every job and glowing customer review that follows. We have a ton of experience in landscaping hardscapes such as paving stone driveways, patios and sidewalks and these projects are among some of the favorite of our experienced staff.

      Call us today with your vision and we will be happy to come provide an on site estimate of bringing your patio design and build to life this year!

    • Retaining Walls & Flower Beds

      Retaining Walls & Flower Beds

      Are you looking for a fairly priced, reputable and professional contractor for your retaining wall or flower bed project? Total Yard Works employs a staff with a combined 15 years of experience in these landscaping projects. Our friendly staff will work with you from start to finish to make sure that your retaining wall and flower bed installation or repair goes exactly as you had hoped and deliver an end product that exceeds expectations. All structural and aesthetic factors are considered by our knowledgeable staff and we like each new project as if it we’re for one of our own. Give us a call today or use our simple online contact form with the scope of your planned project and one of our staff will get back to you shortly with an accurate and fair estimate of the job.

    • Sod Install / Lawn Replacement

      Sod Install / Lawn Replacement

      Total Yard Works offers extremely efficient and fairly priced sod installation and lawn replacement services in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas. After evaluating the landscape thoroughly and removing the old area properly, our professionally trained staff carefully install your new sod and lawn and make sure it is absolutely flawless and level. We only use the highest quality materials and soil and a thorough and pristine cleanup is always expected on every job site to make sure the customer is delighted from the very first site of their new year.

      Give us a call today with your project specifications or book a free onsite estimate with one of our friendly estimators today!

    • Paths & Walkways

      Paths & Walkways

      Want to add value and beauty to your property? Path and walkway work is a an effective, simple and affordable way and Total Yard Works loves making your visions come to life or helping you plan and visualize your upgrade.

    • Stone & Patio Work

      Stone & Patio Work

      Want to enhance your yard simply and effectively? Ask about our stone and patio expertise, planning and cost effective pricing!

      See the links to learn more today and let Total Yard Works satisfy your project!

    • Tree & Stump Removal

      Tree & Stump Removal

      Pesky tree, stump, bush or roots you need removed? We are very experienced at affordable, clean and fast grinding and removal. We take pride in our projects and work a thorough aesthetic cleanup into our quotes to leave your yard looking more spacious and new!

    • Fence / Deck Installation & Repair

      Fence / Deck Installation & Repair

      We know decks and fences inside out and can help you with installations, repairs, makeovers and more. Give us a call today to better understand your Winnipeg deck & fence options and get a competitive quote on quality work without compromise!

    • Yard & Lawn Care Services

      Yard & Lawn Care Services

      Total Yard Works loves creating beautiful yards for our customers. We have all your yard maintenance and lawn care services needs covered and know that the absolute best advertising we have is when we create a yard that makes people ask who?

    • Landscaping Services

      Landscaping Services

      Looking to change the feel and appearance of your yard? We can deal with all of your landscaping needs or help create a beautiful new concept. Let our Winnipeg landscaping services, additions, removals and makeovers that will make you want to sit outside a whole lot more!

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