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indoor fence installation Total Yard Works knows that fencing and borders aren’t only for the outdoors and every year after the snow comes moves into providing interior & indoor fencing solutions. There are many cases where a commercial, industrial or residential property will want enclose or block off areas indoors on their property and we have the tools, experience and staff to help you.

Indoor barriers, partitions and cages have a large range of applications and we can work with you to help to design and install what it is you are looking to accomplish inside this year.

Common Interior Fence Installs in Winnipeg

interior cage fencing winnipeg Storage Facilities – Generally consisting of dozens of smaller units and individual spaces, storage facility fencing provides individual renters and clients the privacy and security required to feel safe about their unit and belongings within.

Industrial & Warehouse – There are tons of obvious organizational, security and functional applications for indoor partitions, barriers and fencing with warehouses and industrial buildings in Winnipeg MB. Proper organization of inventory reduces the overhead and problems in a business, valuables protected from the large amount of traffic of the building, gates for heavy duty machines and forklifts, blocking potential hazards & safety risks and much more.

Recreational Centers – Large scale gymnasiums and recreational centers have a variety of areas such as locker rooms and storage areas where indoor fencing and partitions are of great use. Total Yard Works can work with you to help you get the most functionality out of your indoor spaces and create something designed for maxim functionality and productivity.

Pet Enclosures & Kennels – Help keep animals safe and separate from each other, visitors or the building at large with specialized interior enclosures and cages. Not only does this keep the staff, visitors and animals safe – but provides an easy way to maintain health and clean areas.

Security Caging – Indoor security cages and fencing is the easiest way to deter theft, protect equipment and employees / visitors. Total Yard Works can help you design and install interior fencing and chain link areas that are aesthetically and
highly functional for whatever the need may be.

Guard Rails – Guard railing and interior barriers are an ideal way to protect people and machinery from hazardous areas in your commercial building, warehouse or complex. Keep the workplace efficient and from serious accidents with properly thought out guard railing. Indoor guard rails can also work for indoor parking lots to direct traffic and prevent traffic from entering areas they shouldn’t.


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We will work together with you or your company to help provide the best and most cost effective approach and timeline for your project that is functional, economical, reliable and aesthetically appealing and on schedule.

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