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Fencing (Residential) Questions

How do you set your fence posts?

We auger down 3-4 feet, and then we pack the hole with 3/4 down dirty and set with water. This acts as a cement however we wont see frost heaving like we would using quik-crete. Once this is done we then pack it with various types of equipment

How tall can my fencing be?

The maximum height for a Backyard is 6’6”, Front yard is 4 ft, however, we usually are asked for 4, 5, or 6 ft tall fences, with 5 ft being the average height.

How do locates & call before you dig work?

Total Yardworks will apply for all appropriate locates prior to commencing your project

Is there any recommended maintenance we can do?

Deck & Porch Questions

Do I have to stain my wooden deck?

Wooden Decks will always need a little extra love and care we recommend staining your wooden deck every 1-2 years after installation. If properly maintained and kept clean you should expect your deck to last 10+ years. 

How do I care for my composite deck?

Regular cleaning is as easy as warm, soapy water and a soft bristled brush. For a more thorough cleaning, a jet wash vs a pressure washer is best as it uses heat, with a maximum of  3100 PSI being recommended. Please note, when cleaning do not use corrosive agents such as bleach on composite decking. .

What are the differences between composite and wooden decks?

A wood deck is made out of lumber where a composite deck is built with lumber, then its is waterproofed and finally the composite boarding is installed.

Landscape Services Questions

How do I maintain my sod?

You want to make sure your Sod is constantly moist for 2-4 weeks after installation. During this 2 week period you should avoid cutting your new Sod. Once you begin cutting your Sod, cut higher than normal to protect it from the harmful UV rays.

What is difference between hard and softscaping

Hardscaping is just as it sounds anything hard, these are components in your yard that are solid (non- organic) and do not change. Softscaping is any natural element in your yard, it is typically done after the Hardscaping and adds that final touch you didn’t know was missing

What is the difference between peat and mineral sod?

Peat Sod is pillowy to walk on, it turns a very deep lush green and is best for low to medium trafficked areas. Peat Sod is our most cost effective grass option.

Mineral Sod is typically 2-3 times heavier than a piece of Peat Sod, it is drought resistant and turns a lighter shade of green. Mineral Sod is perfect for heavily trafficked areas, and a beneficial option for families with four-legged family members. Mineral Sod is our mid-range grass option.

Ask Your Own Question

    Category: Gates & Doors

    While it is rarely a main reason or selling point of a fence gate, the truth is that a properly designed, well constructed and professionally installed chain link fence gate will absolutely add curb appeal and resale value to your residential, commercial or industrial property.

    Category: Gates & Doors

    A creative mind could find all sorts of ways to create a gate like barrier, but generally professional fencing contractors work with a handful of proven and cost effective gate designs and solutions. These include but are not limited to swinging styles (single door, double wide, walkthrough swinging and hanging gates) and sliding styles (overhead, oversized, driveway, wheel roller supported and cantilever sliding gates.

    Category: Gates & Doors

    There are a lot of different variables that dictate what is required pre and post fence and gate construction. When in doubt it is best to contact one of our friendly staff with a brief description of your project, property, and vision so we can help you understand the full process and steps required in relation to chain link fence gate permits, underground line locates, city bylaws, etc.

    Category: Gates & Doors

    We see this question daily on our website and in emails and it isn’t one that we can accurately answer without more details and context of your project. Give us a call today or use our contact page to get in touch with one of our experts or to book a free on site Winnipeg Chain link fence gate price and cost estimate. In this way we will be able to better identify any obstacles, potential needs or issues, design/style/material options available and more to get you the most comprehensive and full price ranges you can expect for your specific individual project.

    Category: Gates & Doors

    A well designed, built and installed fence gate or door in Winnipeg should stand the test fairly well, but nothing is perfect and year to year extraordinary weather and wind conditions do see us handle a great deal of repair jobs throughout the province. Typically supporting hardware will need to be replaced, supporting infrastructure reset or replaced, grand or setting modified, etc. Total Yard Works is experts in all things chain link fence and gate repair… give us a call today with details of the job and we can walk you through how you might fix it yourself if its simple or book you into our schedule if its a more comprehensive repair job