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Deck Construction & Installation Winnipeg

The most common outdoor space addition to a home. loved by families since their conception, a deck is the perfect place to host an array of activities such as barbecues, parties and gatherings of all sorts. Available in pressure treated lumber or composite for a low maintenance alternative. Our decking is held up by 6 foot long adjustable groundhogs for years of stability. Wood, Regal, or Glass railing options for all tastes. 

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Wooden Decks

Wooden Deck Construction & Installation

Wooden Deck Builders Winnipeg
We build beautiful wooden decks!

Coppertone Barefoot Brown is a double pressure treated premium lumber. It is a cost effective way to build the perfect outdoor space. Unlike Trex decking, wooden decks will require a treatment approximately every 5 years.

Features Of Total Yard Works Deck Builds:

  • Completely customizable decks in our pressure treated lumber
  • Railings (available upon request): Wood or Regal Railing (Available in colors Textured Black, White, Titanium Slate, and Yard Bronze)
  • Footings (available upon request): Groundhogs, Posts, Concrete Pads, or Piles
  • Color: Coppertone Barefoot Brown
Composite & Trex Decking

Composite & Trex Deck Building Winnipeg



Trex Decking also known as composite decking. It is our low maintenance, durable decking option with multiple colors to choose from. Scratch/Fade resistant decking is the perfect option for families looking to enjoy this outdoor space built to outlast lumber and adds benefited curbside appeal.

Features of Total Yard Works Decking

  • Scratch/Fade Resistant
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty
  • Long lasting and low maintenance
  • Footage: Customizable

Colors Available: “Foggy Wharf” (Light Grey), “Clamshell” (Dark Grey), “Toasted Sand” (Seashell Brown)), “Coastal Bluff” (earth tones), Pebble Grey (Medium Grey), and Rocky Harbor (Wood like grain pattern) 

Railings (available upon request): Wood or Regal Railing (Available in colors Textured Black, White, Titanium Slate, and Yard Bronze)

Footings (available upon request): Groundhogs, Posts, Concrete Pads, or Piles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers we see in relation to our service(s). Please feel free to submit your own questions or submit a question and answer you feel we are missing on this page and our staff will review it as quickly as possible for you!

You want to make sure your Sod is constantly moist for 2-4 weeks after installation. During this 2 week period you should avoid cutting your new Sod. Once you begin cutting your Sod, cut higher than normal to protect it from the harmful UV rays.

Hardscaping is just as it sounds anything hard, these are components in your yard that are solid (non- organic) and do not change. Softscaping is any natural element in your yard, it is typically done after the Hardscaping and adds that final touch you didn’t know was missing

Peat Sod is pillowy to walk on, it turns a very deep lush green and is best for low to medium trafficked areas. Peat Sod is our most cost effective grass option.

Mineral Sod is typically 2-3 times heavier than a piece of Peat Sod, it is drought resistant and turns a lighter shade of green. Mineral Sod is perfect for heavily trafficked areas, and a beneficial option for families with four-legged family members. Mineral Sod is our mid-range grass option.